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“Online shopping: Because it is frowned upon to be in a store with no bra, sweatpants and a glass of wine.”-Author Unknown In an era of modern technology, almost everything can be done online and at the tip of your finger—even shopping! There are a lot of merits when itContinue Reading

Camping Trip

So, you decided to go on a camping trip. Here, the most important thing is to pack the things properly, in order to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Tourist backpack There are many opinions about the volume of the backpack. Someone likes when the things are hanging fromContinue Reading

Indoor air

We usually think of air pollution as a matter of worry for the outside life, maybe in cities, streets and busy areas. The air outside may be polluted with carbon compounds like monoxide, dioxide, smog, and dust. All these pollutants are harmful to humans and cause breathing problems (if exposedContinue Reading

walk-in clinics

Here are the best Walk-In Clinics in Toronto that deliver best treatments, You can rely on any of the above mentioned walk-in clinics as these are equipped with the latest technology & have the best medical professionals that deliver quality treatment at a reasonable price. Here is our picks forContinue Reading

Grocery Stores in Canada

Canada simply loves grocery stores. With the changing lifestyle and stay-in culture, many supermarkets & stores have started providing groceries online, and this has been a cherry on top in recent COVID times.  However, it can be hard sometimes to pick the grocery store to buy from. Well, the sameContinue Reading

Insurance Companies in Canada

There are many insurance companies in Canada that provide the term insurance plans at very low premiums. Regardless of family role, insurance is something everybody must have. Canadians often get confused with the sheer number of insurance companies rendering services. To help families and businesses in select the best insuranceContinue Reading

Universities in Canada

Canada is home to universities and colleges that are highly ranked and well-known around the world, giving students plenty of options in learning. However, the large number of good universities makes it difficult for students to select the best. That’s why we decided to help out!  Ostrich has prepared aContinue Reading

Best Hospitals in Canada

Selecting the best hospital in Canada is a major concern for Canadian citizens. Since Canada is home to more than 1500 world-class hospitals, it is often difficult for its citizens to figure out which one delivers the best medical care and treatment. That’s why we decided to filter out theContinue Reading

photographers in Canada

Canada is home to some of the most amazing photographers in the world. Be it wedding, corporate, or product photographers, you can find talent lens experts in almost every major city. And this is the reason why Canadians struggle while hiring photographers. But not anymore because we have picked theContinue Reading