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Online meal-kit business model originated in Sweden in 2007 and it quickly gained popularity throughout Europe. HelloFresh brought the business to the United States in 2012 at the same time Blue Apron launched its meal-kit delivery service.

What is Meal-kit?

Online Meal-kit delivery services offer people a convenient way to have nutritious and delicious food at home without going out for grocery. It also lists the calorie count per serving for the entire meal as well as the individual ingredients.

How Online-Meal Kit Delivery Works

Meal kit delivery service allows people to choose meals from a menu. It delivers an appropriate portion of fresh ingredients along with recipe at their doorstep to help them cook tasty cuisine at home. Here, we explain the working of the meal-kit delivery website in simple steps:

  • Meal-kit delivery website displays weekly menu featuring delicious and healthy meal recipes prepared by chefs.
  • After choosing meals, customers can customize their order on the following basis:
  • Number of meals
  • Number of members
  • Meal-kit delivery service providers fresh ingredients at the customer’s doorstep.
  • Customers make a quality meal at home with proper ingredients and recipes.

Why Customers Love Meal-Kit Delivery?

Gone are the days when you need to research cookbooks and blogs for recipes.

With the increasing trend of Meal-kit delivery, cooking has become easy and people are committing themselves to eat healthy food and skip greasy. Here are fewer reasons why people are shifting towards meal kit delivery services:

  • Save the time of grocery shopping
  • Variety of choices without any hassle
  • Minimum food wastage
  • Perfect amount of ingredients
  • Healthy and fresh meal at home
  • Improve cooking

Major Online Meal-Kit Delivery Services/Companies in Canada

These days, it only takes a few minutes to order your meals online, and have them delivered right to your doorstep, ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. here, we’ll review all of the major Canadian meal kit delivery companies, as well as several smaller, regional offerings.

  • MissFresh
  • HelloFresh
  • GoodFood
  • Chefs Plate
  • Cook it
  • My Fit Meals
  • Sixteen Ounce
  • Tre Mari Bakery
  • Martinez Catering

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