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1790. marked the first official record of legal bookmaking profit service. Harry Ogden in the United Kingdom offered players to place bets on horses. Interestingly, gambling was legal in Canada up to 1950. The first commercial casino was open in 1989. Until then, the worldwide market recorded this industry’s high percentage growth rate, especially in Europe. At the same time, the drive stopped growing in Canada until 2019, when online gambling started to develop. Statistics show that since 2019 76% of Canadians use online gambling services.

Canada is catching up, but still far away

Europe is a leader in online gambling. NetEnt was one of the first developers that created online games like progressive jackpot, slots, live dealer games, and various table and card games with popular branded names included. Canada is far behind in the picture, but it is progressing. On June 23, 2021, the House of Commons voted on C 218. C 218 legalized single-game betting and added it to parlay sports betting, lotteries, and casino games. With the support of famous sports leagues like the NFL and NBA, online services expect a high growth rate in the future time.

This got strongly supported by the Canadian Football League (CFL), which has yet to develop. At the same time, European Soccer has an up and running user experience industry in terms of fan engagement, promotions, sponsorships, and overall revenue in related industries. Efforts of all Canadian important leading positions related to the sports or lottery support this move. One that stands out is the Canadian Olympic Committee as a world-known sports organization with cultural significance worldwide. But sports betting Canada is yet to take off, while in Europe it’s already an integral part of certain sports, such as soccer.

Future of Sports Betting in Canada

With the strong connection between Canada and the United States, Canadians follow US sports on streaming services or cable TV. American sports events will get more fan engagement with ESPN and Sports Center and Canadian programs like TSN and Sports Centre. Sporting events like the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Final will finally enable Canadians to participate. This change will impact the state revenues if Canadians spend $ 14 billion each year betting on offshore companies. Penn National Gaming and Score Media and Gaming made an acquisition worth $2 billion to enhance the position of the sports media and sports betting on the market that will lead to a higher rate of users.

This year is a turning point for sportsbooking in Canada. With a fast-growing industry led by modern technology like blockchain and cryptocurrency payments, it is up to Canadian leaders to decide how fast they will wait for the next steps. Implementing new betting methods with modern technology options will improve user experience, make way for new companies, and create new forms of marketing engagement. All further steps forward that include these acts will make positive revenue on various levels. 2021 is a historic moment for Canadian sports fans that will place Canada on the global betting map. Let’s hope they will not wait long on the next move.

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